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Cable management

Provision of energy and data where they are required.

Residential trunking

Residential trunking
Easy to install and offering great finishes, the tehalit.ateha range is suitable for renovation or extension of the installations in houses and small professional premises.

tehalit.lifea line distribution

Line distribution
lifea, LFH, LFS, LFG and FWK
The tehalit.lifea trunking ranges are suitable with all kind of conductor controls and cables in housing and tertiary premises thanks to their several types of profiles.

tehalit.queraz installation trunking

Installation trunking
PVC or aluminium, small or large, compatible with all the sockets 45 x 45.
The ideal solution for the electric installation in professional premises and tertiary buildings.

Office equipment

Office equipment
less time, less mess, less hassle
Office spaces in tertiary buildings are very often reshaped so it's necessary that the electrical supply can be quickly adapted to any configuration.
Safe and more practical, poles and posts are the best solution.
Quick and easy answer to all kind of configurations of power and data supplies to working stations.
With a complete range of accessories you can create an homogeneous and complete system, in harmany with all the other products like poles, posts and multi outlet modules and blocks.

tehalit.beha-set enclosure trunking

Enclosure trunking
The system of equipment of the boards is a wide range proposing solutions for each type of application:
  • the series tehalit.BA7 in PVC cover the whole current needs,
  • series tehalit.HA7 in PC-ABS and tehalit.HNG in PPO,
both halogen free, are proposed for the sensitive equipments,
  • the series tehalit.VK-flex allows flexible connections between the equipment of the door and the body of the board.

tehalit.camelea trunking

Special trunking
Special trunking or made on measure, tehalit.camelea answer the most restrictive specifications.