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Selection guides

To download selection guides, you need to connect to Professional Users Access. If you don't have already a Professional Users Access, register here.
Acrobat Reader is necessary to open PDF documents below. If the programme is not installed on your computer, you can download last version (free download) with following link:

To consult documentations, click on links below.
Title   Download 
Berker switches - selection guide
    PDF, 4,2 MB
Connections - selection guide
    PDF, 617 KB
Energy and Lighting control - selection guide
    PDF, 1,2 MB
H3 MCCBs - selection guide
    PDF, 93 KB
orion+ - selection guide
    PDF, 594 KB
quadro automation - selection guide
    PDF, 355 KB
quadro+ - selection guide
    PDF, 454 KB
quadro4 - selection guide
    PDF, 187 KB
quadro5 - selection guide
    PDF, 182 KB
Selection guide - Indoor detectors
    PDF, 185 KB
Selection guide - Outdoor detectors
    PDF, 347 KB
Small enclosures - selection guide
    PDF, 472 KB
Time and Twilight switches- selection guide
    PDF, 137 KB
vega D - selection guide
    PDF, 488 KB