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To assist you in your commercial projects, Hager offers ElcomNet software for the design of low voltage electrical installations. On the program: efficiency and ease.
Regularly sizing electrical installation is a significant part of your time. With ElcomNet software, you will have a powerful and comprehensive tool that will help you considerably this work.

How to get ElcomNet?


  • ElcomNet, the state of the art software is designed to calculate Low Voltage Electrical installations in accordance with IEC60364 stantards.
  • ElcomNet produces electrical diagrams and calculation reports required for the design and verification of any electrical network.
  • The software effortlessly performs all calculations for short circuit study, cable sizing, protective device sizing, voltage drop, discrimination and backup study.
  • The software produces the network single line diagram for each switchboard
  • It determines the most economical solution and guarantees compliance with electrical standards.
  • Automatically calculate protection devices with optimum circuit breaker setting overload and short circuit.
  • Preview and print a wide variety of reports containing single line diagrams, discrimination curves, circuit specifications and equipment lists.