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Berker by Hager design,
switches and systems

As varied as apartments, offices, houses and commercial buildings may appear at first sight - careful inspection shows that they are each home to a mosaic.
They are basically nothing less than the total of large and small furnishing elements, which are compiled into an expressive, quite personal whole, just like the stones of a mosaic.

  • An all-round success

    It stands unmistakably in the tradition of great switch programmes. And still, the Berker R.1 interprets the radius anew in its completely own way. With its soft frame contour and a variety of functional versions, the soft round switch is an ideal accompaniment for all residential and furnishing projects.

  • Simply perfect

    No other switch is more contoured, shaped or more cultivated. Thus the Berker K.1 is the logical choice for any classic interior - and an investment which will pay dividends for years. And, with its IP44 equipment, even the moisture of bathrooms, cellars or outside rooms has no effect.

  • Timeless clarity

    Gives every switch the right frame: In addition to glass frame varieties, the Berker B.7 is now also available in various plastic, stainless steel and aluminium. In these materials, it can be perfectly combined with Berker TS Sensor and Berker B.IQ.

  • Robust companion

    Robust. Hardly any term describes the Berker Q.3 better. On one hand, there is its clear contour, on another its friendly surface. It is equipped with the same centre plates as its sister programme Berker Q.1. Its functional benefits are also noteworthy: the Berker Q.3 is ideally suited to installations in wall ducts.

  • Fine porcelain

    Together with the porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal, we have returned to the original material for high-quality switches. The Berker Serie 1930 edition, made with real Rosenthal porcelain, is a homage to craftsmanship, perfect shape and a fine material.

  • Creative all-rounder

    To the convenient KNX functions of the Berker B.IQ is now added a wide array of alternative materials. For example, the surface variants and colours in black glass and aluminium are completely new. They correspond exactly to the surfaces of the Berker B.7, which, with its switches and socket outlets, is an ideal partner for the Berker B.IQ.

  • A noble gesture

    Behind its elegant-puristic appearance an unimaginable wealth of technical possibilities are concealed. It can be used to operate not just several light sources, but also, if desired, intelligent building control systems such as the Berker KNX or Berker radio bus system.

  • Intelligent understatement

    Understatement is an art, and the Berker TS Sensor makes it perfect. Up to eight functions are concealed under a pure surface that is practically flush with the wall, and can be custom-labelled on request. A single touch is all it takes to control lights, heating or blinds. Thus the Berker TS Sensor can offer an exciting range of options – yet still remains as calm as possible.

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